Percussion Massage is rapidly becoming one of the most popular tools for improved athletic performance, recovery, and general wellness. Previously available only to medical professionals and athletic trainers, a wide variety of handheld Percussion Massagers such as HyperVolts and TheraGun are now available to the general population. From the office worker who sits at a desk all day, the laborer, the competitive recreational athlete, those recovering from injury and those simply trying to maintain a healthy active lifestyle, Percussive Massagers have something to offer.

The benefits of percussive therapy are numerous but put simply, it’s relaxing and effective. How effective? Studies show percussive therapy massages are 30% more effective than regular massages.  Percussion therapy shocks muscle fibers surrounding sore muscle tissues. The pulsing effect from the vibrations reaches places hands can’t even with deep tissue massage techniques.

1. Enhanced Athletic Performance

Used prior to workouts, percussive therapy has been shown to increase blood flow, improve flexibility, range of motion, and activate muscles all contributing to improved workouts and a decreased risk of injury.

2. Improved Drainage of the Lymphatic System

Similar to the way oxygen moves through the vascular system, lymph travels through the muscular system. Proper drainage of lymph is important because it allows the body to rid itself of toxins and waste.

When the body is able to excrete these tainted materials, organs function normally and your immune system improves. A healthier immune system means a healthier you.

One other plus to a draining lymphatic system is a boosted metabolism. An improved metabolism can increase your chances of losing weight.

3. Relieve Tension, Soreness, and Body Aches

Prolonged sitting with poor posture can lead to muscle tightness and painful knots in muscles known as trigger points. Percussive massage is effective at reducing muscle tension, eliminating tight knots and decreasing general muscle soreness.

4. Rehabilitation From Injury

Percussion massage can enhance recovery by improving range of motion and mobility, increasing nerve stimulation and response and by increasing circulation and blood flow. It can also break up scar tissue and adhesion’s and has been shown to be 7x’s more effective than a foam roller.

5. Helps Breakdown Adhesions and Internal Scarring From Working Out 

Muscle adhesions usually develop after an injury or surgery. The adhesions are fibrous tissues that form between soft tissues like muscles and organs.Wherever they develop, they cause the surrounding soft tissues to stick together, hence the name. When muscles get glued together like this, the tissues are no longer able to move independently. As you can imagine, this limits your range of movement and causes a lot of pain. Percussion therapy helps dissipate adhesions and other internal scars to improve your range of motion after surgeries, injuries or years of workouts.

Percussion Massagers are becoming a very popular recovery tool. It has become a way for every athlete to speed up recovery when they’re on the go! Check out our online shop to get one for yourself!

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